About us

We are proud of the quality of our products because we get our products directly from growers who grow CBD hemp according to the highest standards in Europe. The entire growing process is certified.

We are constantly searching for the best quality products around the world and improving our competencies to offer our customers the highest quality service and earn an impeccable reputation.


Birth of CBD World

CBD World was born in September 2022 with one clear task: to change stress in people's lives into harmony (peace) by using the main properties of the CBD plant:

Reduce nerve and muscle pain
Suppress psychological health disorders
Strengthen the endocannabinoid system (sleep, stress)


Reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life with premium CBD products.

To be the most trusted seller of CBD products, delivering exceptional quality products and excellent service at a competitive price, working faster, easier and together.

- The belief that honesty is always the best option and that trust must be earned;
- Commitment to help the environment around us;
- Commitment to communicate as we would like to be communicated with.